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THE TOYMAKER      Book, Music & Lyrics



"A journey that transcends time and place." -ENCORE


​The ToyMaker is the story of Sarah Meeks, who, after a series of failed pregnancies, undertakes an amazing journey in search of a toy made by a childless ToyMaker in 1942 Occupied Bohemia. With an unlikely friend and guide in the form a Czech street urchin, she uncovers the incredible history of the small mining village of Lidice, and its untimely destruction during WWII. In a journey that transcends time and place, and as she unravels the mystery of the childless toy, ultimately bringing it to its rightful owner, not only does Sarah bring hope and fulfillment to the lives of those she meets along the way, but to her own. A tale of enduring passion and hope, The ToyMaker is an unforgettable experience.

WINNER: 2012 Georgia Holof Award, NMTC


Artist Michael Carson puts his life into perspective while living vicariously through the skewed perspectives and whimsically wicked characters in his popular graphic novel SHAMELAND. A story of overcoming tremendous odds when it comes to abandonment and survivor's guilt, SHAMELAND is sure to tug at the very core of your humanity.

BLUE VELVET    Music & Lyrics

Based on David Lynch's iconic film. 

mannekin    Book, Music & Lyrics

When a young boy Arthur Poindexter, is emotionally abandoned by his famous mother, he takes to the streets finding refuge in an abandoned department store, where he recreates his life and the players in it with fictitious characters. Childhood soon ends and we are introduced to an adult, homeless version of that once energetic young man, trapped in his fantasy life and the harsh realities of street life. A chance encounter with an old friend starts Poindexter down a road of recovery and reconciliation and the possibility of a new life, away from the fantasy. 

In Development:

PLASTIC BUTTERFLIES   Book, Music & Lyrics

Currently in development, this poignant new musical delves deeply into the societal woes of simply being different from the "common man". Stay tuned for more from playwright and composer Bryan Putnam's latest musical. 

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